List of Participants 2019

Company Name Booth No Country
AASA Formers and Augers of India P19 India
Ace Technologies R14 India
Aegis Packaging Pte Ltd S28 Singapore
AFSTI (I) - Mumbai Chapter - India
Alcos Food Plants R14 Italy
Alligator Automations R26 India
Ambica Pharma Machines Pvt Ltd Q7 India
Anton Paar India Pvt Ltd S43 India
Aranow Packaging Machinery P10 Spain
Arihant Packaging P35 India
ATC Chains India S44 India
Atlantium R14 Israel
Authentication Solution Providers’ Association (ASPA) - India
Avontec Automation Pvt Ltd R18 India
Axomatic Srl S18 Italy
Best Engineering Technologies P21 India
Besure Technology (India) Pvt Ltd Q33 India
Betapak P10 Turkey
Beverage & Food World - India
Biofishency R14 Israel
Bisio Progetti Spa S18 Italy
Bohrer R14 Germany
Bonfiglioli R14 Italy
Bossar Packaging Pvt Ltd Q2 India
Bry-Air (Asia) Pvt Ltd Q25 India
Caelsons Industries U22 India
Chlorophyll Technologies Pvt Ltd Q18, R13 India
Claranor R14 France
Condot Systems Pvt Ltd P5 India
Control Print Ltd S2 India
CT Packaging R14 Italy
Della Toffola R14 Italy
Della Toffola - Ave Technologies R14 Italy
Della Toffola - Priamo R14 Italy
Della Toffola - Z Italia R14 Italy
Dikai Coding Industry Co U29 China
DM Pack R14 Italy
Dotsmark Systems India Pvt Ltd U30 India
Dott. Bonpance & C S18 Italy
DSM Agencies Pvt Ltd S39 India
Durva Machinery P22 India
Eco Cosmos R43 India
Ecobliss India Pvt Ltd P33 India
Elgi Equipments Ltd S30 India
F.B.L. Food Machinery R14 Italy
Ficus Pax Pvt Ltd T43 India
Filtec R14 USA
Food & Beverages Processing - India
Fratelli Indellicato R14 Italy
Freeze Drying Systems Pvt Ltd P25 India
Friometic Machines India T40 India
Galaxy Sivtek Pvt Ltd P29 India
Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd P30 India
Gem Corporation P37 India
Glatt (India) Engineering Pvt Ltd P1 India
GlobalData PLC - India
Goma Process Technologies Pvt Ltd R30 India
Grace Food Processing & Packaging Industries T30 India
Harikrushna Machinetech Pvt Ltd S14 India
Heat and Control (South Asia) Pvt Ltd P2 India
Hellomoov Q40 France
Hitachi Coding & Marking U30 Japan
Holostik India Ltd R39 India
Huhtamaki PPL T35 India
Indian Flexible & Folding Carton Manufacturers Association (IFCA) Q38 India
Indomax R34 India
Ishida India Pvt Ltd P2 India
Janatics India Pvt Ltd P9 India
J-Films Corporation S4 Philippines
Kangaro Industries Ltd U15 India
Kaps Engineers P13 India
Karlville R14 France
Konica Minolta Business Solutions India Pvt Ltd S40 India
Labels Flexibles & More U23 India
Leepack Co Ltd P26 South Korea
LP Packaging R14 Italy
Maharshi Udyog S8 India
Mahisa Packaging Systems LLP Q30 India
Mamata Machinery Pvt Ltd S26 India
Maplejet U29 Canada
Megaplast India Pvt Ltd P36 India
Mehta Cad Cam Systems Pvt Ltd T26 India
Meypack Verpackungssystemtechnik GmbH Q18, R13 Germany
Michelman Pvt Ltd T11 India
Miranda Automation Pvt Ltd U39 India
Mistry Packtech Engineering T14 India
Mitsubishi Chemical India Pvt Ltd S4 India
MLT Pack Services Q26 India
Nanjing Light Industrial Packaging Machinery Co Ltd T20 China
Nichrome India Ltd P6 India
Omag Srl S18 Italy
Optima Q18, R13 Germany
Packaging Solutions - India
Packaging South Asia T16 India
Pactech Machinery LLP P10 India
Pakona Engineers (I) Pvt Ltd R22 India
Parle Global Technologies Pvt Ltd P26 India
Paul Leibinger GmbH & Co KG R34 Germany
Payper Bagging India (P) Ltd Q43 India
Payper SA Q43 Spain
Poly Pack R14 USA
Print Packaging Systems U29 India
PrintWeek India T24 India
Protec R14 Italy
Proxes Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Q18, R13 Singapore
Quick Label R14 USA
R Technologies P38 India
Raytec Vision P26 Italy
Reiner U29 Germany
Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Ltd P23 India
Saideep U26 India
Samkin Industries R40 India
Sanex Packaging Connections Pvt Ltd - India
Sanjeev Flexi Pack Pvt Ltd P40 India
Sarong Spa S18 Italy
Scholle IPN India Packaging Pvt Ltd Q2 India
Sepack India Pvt Ltd P17 India
Separation Techniques Pvt Ltd P15 India
Serac Packaging Solution Pvt Ltd Q44 India
Shanghai Huaqi Industry Co T18 China
Shubham Flexible Packaging Machines Pvt Ltd S33 India
SIES School of Packaging S37 India
SMC Corporation (India) Pvt Ltd P14 India
Soham Industrial Machinery Ltd U36 India
Sojet U29 China
SSP Packaging Industries (P) Ltd U20 India
Statec Binder GmbH Q39 Austria
Summit Technodyne Pvt Ltd Q39 India
Swiss Can R14 Switzerland
Target Innovations R8 India
Techno Drive Engineering Pvt Ltd U13 India
Technofour Electronics Pvt Ltd S25 India
The Packman - India
The Pharma Review Q37 India
Thermo Scientific R14 USA
TMG R14 Italy
Toshniwal Hyvac Pvt Ltd P34 India
Toyo Machine Manufacturing R14 Japan
Trepko Q18, R13 Denmark
TTB Industry Co Ltd U19 Thailand
Unique Equipments P18 India
Unique Plastic Industry Co U17 Thailand
V2 Engineering Srl S18 Italy
Vaxom Packaging Pvt Ltd S18 India
V-Shapes SRL P41 Italy
VT Corp Pvt Ltd R25 India
Wimco Ltd S34 India
Wolf Verpackungmaschinen GmBH Q14 Germany
Worldpack Automation Systems Pvt Ltd Q22 India
Wraptech Machines Pvt Ltd Q8 India