The Premier Processing & Packaging Event for India

22-24 October 2019

Bombay Exhibition Centre,
Mumbai, India

10:00 - 18:00 Hrs.

2019 Product Highlights

DSM AgenciesBooth No – S39

Pallet Stability: Grip Sheet (Kraft Paper and PET), these are used to reduce the losses, reduce the use of stretch film, shrink wrap, and reduce the damage of the goods during storage and transportation. Our Grip N Slip sheet replaces the pallet during transportation.
Pallet replacement: Slip Sheet (Kraft Paper and Plastic)
Protective Packaging: Dunnage bag for filling the gaps inside the container after loading the goods
Desiccants: It’s a clay based desiccants, absorbs moisture 100% of its own weight.

Eco CosmoBooth No – R43

We are going to display semi automatic volumetric filling Machines and vegetable processing machines. Our machines are precise in their performance & sturdy in use. They are true work horses & good value for money.
GW-806N Vegetable Cutter
1150(L) x 800(W) x 1500(H),
1HP, 1/2HP, Motor with inverter
The width of conveyor belt W= 165 mm
Power: total 1.5HP (220V/Single)
Capacity: 500 (kg/hr)

Gandhi Automations Pvt. Ltd.Booth No – P30

High Speed Doors - designed for fast, efficient, safe and simple operations; High Speed Doors - Self Repairing - simple, reliable and compact with highest standards of quality and safety; Dock Leveler - a completely automated piece of equipment used for servicing trucks at the loading docks Sectional Overhead Doors - opening vertically upwards thus ensuring that the entire passage area is free; Dock Shelters - which meet the highest quality standard thus ensuring a high degree of wear resistance as well as extreme temperatures; Rolling Shutters - capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions thus providing 100% safety and security

Glatt (India) Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Booth No – P1

Powders and liquids can be granulated, coated, encapsulated, dried and functionalized by fluidized bed and spouted bed technology in only one process step. As a pioneer in these cutting edge technologies, Glatt will showcase the advantages of the design and the production of granules and pellets from powders and/or liquids with well defined, adjustable properties that allow enhanced application as well as better handling and storage.

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation Booth No – S4

J-FILMS: These are easy peelable films. Easy Peel is an easy-open sealant film that uses Mitsubishi Chemical's performance polymer alloy (MODIC). Manufacture of Easy Peel takes advantage of advanced film processing and quality management technologies.
TECHBARRIER: It’s a high gas barrier film with silicon oxide coating on oriented polyester (OPET).
DIAMIRON: It is non-expanding, multi-layered, flat cast film used for thermoforming package of foods, medical supplies & industrial accessories.
SUPERNYL: It’s a co-extruded bi-axially oriented gas barrier polyamide films.

Nanjing Light Industrial Packaging Machinery CoBooth No – T20

Will present 1000CPM beer canning line, 50000BPH beer bottling line, 48000 BPM beverage filling line, 24000BPHJuice hot filling line, 30000BPH Mineral water filling line, 30000BPH spirits filling line

Pactech Machinery LLPBooth No – P10

Front back Wraparound Sticker labelling machine - perfect solution for applying different types of labels to a multitude of container shapes with incredible speed and accuracy. PM 150 FBWR 15 can apply front and/or back application of labels to flat panel or oval containers and application of wraparound labels to cylindrical containers in the same machine with in-built no label no label system. Machines are suitable for glass bottles, plastic containers/bottles, cans and jars and can be customized.

Parle Global Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Booth No – P26

Parle Global is an engineering organization in the food & beverage, consumer healthcare & pharmaceutical segments. Parle provides food & beverage processing with primary & secondary packaging services with top notch technology available from India & best of the world. The solutions by Parle Global consists of: sterilization of packed foods, rotary pick-fill & seal for pre-made pouch packing, packaging films/retort packs, flow wrappers/feeders, cup/tray forming/filling/sealing, can filling & seaming, balances & weighers, monodose packs VFFs, secondary packaging, tube filling & sealing, machine lines for cereal/snacks/health bars.

Serac Packaging Solution Pvt. Ltd. Booth No – Q44

Serac has developed solutions for PET blow molding known as Serac Blow Linear (SBL) which can synchronize as a Bloc with a rotary net weight filler- Combox. The advantages of blow-fill system opening a new perspective with dairy & liquid food packaging in PET with adapted to hygiene criteria of dairy drinks and liquid food. We offer volumetric filling & dosing unit for cups known as Nova machine. Nova offer filling, heatsealing & lidding solutions for all types of material of pre-formed cups (PP, PET, glass, aluminium…) with various properties (viscous, pasty, expanding with fruit pieces….)

Shanghai Huaqi Industrial Co.Booth No – T18

Sealing liner:Application for foods, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, agrochemical, cosmetics, etc. with various plastic (LDPE, HDPE, PP, PVC, PET, ABS, PS) Glass container with screw type cap. After induction sealing, it provides a foil/heat-seal laminate hermetically sealed to the lip of a container.
Plastic bottle & cap: Application for foods, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, agrochemical, cosmetics, etc with the characteristics of not easy to be broken and good sealing performance, etc.

VT CorpBooth No – R25

Weighing machine Model VTC-VGFP-1.1 is a Digital Load cell based auto weighing and packing machine controlled by micro-processor based controller. It is suitable for packing granules & powder products like, chemicals, fertilizer, sugar, rice, pulses, etc. Emballage (Pick-Fill-Seal) Model VTC-EMB-1 is a fully automatic bag filling & sealing machine in paper & plastic bags. Mostly used for granular products like dry fruits, sugar, dal, grains, pulses, etc. Form Fill Seal in Weigh metric with weigh filling arrangement for all types of granular like dry fruits, sugar, dal, grains, pulses, rava, namkin, mukhwas & other similar granular products. O/P-15-20 bags/min.